Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Road Trip turns up old TV reminder

Idaho Highway 28 Petticoat JunctionNot quite what I was expecting to see in the middle of nowhere. So of course I stopped turned around and went back to look some more. Between kids, wife and my parents I've fallen into the trap of "just getting there". Once there we'd be stuck staring at hotel room walls or worse, boredom would set in. This trip I promised myself to remember the journey and NOT the destination. So I stopped all the time, drove slowly and looked at the small things. First off, I was amazed at how empty this stretch of road was. Once Idaho Falls was in the rear view mirror, I don't remember passing or being passed by any cars for hours and a good 150 miles. Midweek, midday, school in session. Quiet and empty. Flyover country.

Seeing this water tank and windmill was a great pullover. I wonder what ever happened to the old show? Someone must have the tapes. I wonder why reruns for this haven't happened. Beverly Hillbillies was the same time frame. I think.

At any rate, this is one more thing to pop into the book and a fun reminder of TV culture from way back in the day.

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