Monday, January 25, 2016

Book Research Surprise

The main point of this trip was to get back to one of my favorite places on the planet. Just for me. A reunion with place. Maybe some memories too. The second big reason was 'research' for River and Ranch. It did not disappointment. One of the big takeaways was the presence of Lewis and Clark. Lemhi Pass, Tendoy, North Fork, and the road up Agency Creek bore reminders that L & C had passed by way back in 1804-ish. Driving that road was an especially powerful reminder of what the Corps of Discovery accomplished. Agency Creek is possibly the steepest road I've ever driven up, especially the last pitch that tops out on the pass. It winds around for about thirteen miles, once you leave Tendoy. Doing this route while following a guide who had never 'quite' been there, with the beginning out of sight below you and the end unknown somewhere above you, like L&C did is a whole additional layer of difficulty. This is old land. It's been lived in for awhile now. Waves of people have washed over it. Seeing Lewis and Clark all over the place and experiencing the terrain they covered by foot without a road, while I did it in the comfort of car and trails made for compelling research and stands as a testimony to the strength and fitness that this group had hundreds of years ago, in conditions much more difficult than what we have now.

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