Sunday, December 9, 2018

Easley Hot Springs - a great Idaho spot

All the unexpected and unplanned for Idaho hot springs turned out to be one of the big surprises of the road trip I undertook this past summer. Each hot spring appealed in a different way. Easley is one of those places I would consider plunking down at for a couple of days and doing day trips from the camp ground followed by a session in the pool or the hot tubs further up the hill. Wonderful.

Easley Hot Springs was the first one I arrived at. I successfully battled the urge to keep on going so I could get to my destination. Except I did not have a destination. I had six unplanned days of glorious nothing. So I turned left and went up the short gravel road to a marvelous hot springs tucked away in the middle of nowhere on the way to Galena Summit, just a few miles past Sun Valley.

I found three wonderful people, a little dog, and a hot springs. Loved it. I hung out and talked to Pat Ed and Stacey for a long while. Not sure how things worked, but Stacey looked to be my age (50 something) and Ed and Pat were his parents. They were all sitting in the pool room doing their thing waiting for the day's business to walk in. I think I was the first one to come through the door.

Driving a Canyon Edge from Lowman to Banks, ID

I found this picture on my phone and it turned out to be the best one I took showing what a drop it is from the high edge of the canyon that the road is perched on, all the way down to the river that presumably carved out the canyon, which the more I think about it geologically is really an oddity. This canyon should be much wider instead of the slot canyon that it is.
    Regardless of the tectonic forces that made it, I find the Banks Lowman Road to be an amazing and accessible drive along a canyon edge unlike any other I have found in the US.