Thursday, March 31, 2016

Rivers That Flow North

It's always a trivia question that no one ever gets. 'The Nile' is one rare answer. The question is 'Name a river that flows north?'. Here are some more answers. River and Ranch is set in an area of the country that happens to feature not one, not two, but three river that rise in the south and FLOW to the north. Without further ado, here are three answers to that difficult trivia question.

1) The Lemhi river flows north. It rises near Gilmore Summit (elev. 7,150 ft amsl +/-) and flow generally north where it joins up with the Salmon River in the middle of Salmon, Idaho.
2) The Bitterroot river flows north. It rises in the small waters flowing out of the mountains in around and behind Lost Trail Pass. Trivially speaking everything on the Idaho side of that pass flows south and goes to the North Fork of the Salmon. But the snow that melts on the Montana side flows downhill to the NORTH and ultimately adds a load to the Bitterroot, which ultimately enters the Clark Fork (of the Columbia river - more trivia) in the valley just outside of Missoula, Montana.
Finally, the Big Mama of rivers that flow north - the Middle Fork of the Salmon.
3) Way down in central Idaho but quite high up there is Bear Valley creek, just outside of Stanley. It's a little thing flowing through meadows full of flowers. Once the snow melts. But while the snow is melting it is a big thing that combines with Marsh Creek and creates the Middle Fork. 100+ miles of north flowing beauty.

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