Monday, April 27, 2015

W is for Whiplash on the Main Salmon

Mile 89.9. A wall, strong eddy lines, a tough entry, and no clear route through it. At the right level Whiplash has everything needed to be the toughest chunk of whitewater on the Main Salmon. In my years guiding on the Main, I never saw Whiplash come out and gobble boats. Kind of glad about that. There's plenty of stories about what that drop can do.

For Cale, one of the main characters in River and Ranch, Whiplash is where things get started. For him, the river is high enough to bring Whiplash out (generally >6.0 feet on the Corn Creek ramp) and it gobbles him up. Raft and passengers are spared. Not him though. His time in the water at Whiplash changes his life, and that is what River and Ranch is all about. Except for all the other "stuff".

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  1. Never gone rafting...I think I'd have to start out on a slow, easy river. Whiplash doesn't sound slow and easy!

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