Saturday, April 18, 2015

P is for Pipeline - a wave on the Lochsa

The Lochsa - one of the great wild rivers of the continent. If you consider roadside service a plus then this river jumps right to the top of the list, as Highway 12 runs along pretty much the entire length of the Lochsa. If it's any consolation, while there is a road next the Lochsa, the valley holding both river and road is one of the emptiest you'll ever find. Even with a tarred two lane highway, it is still empty, remote, and desolate.

In River and Ranch there are two teenage girls. One of them is a surfer. So of course I have to work in Pipeline on the Lochsa, since the guides go right past it on the drive around back to Salmon (if they go the north route). In reality it really does exist and it really is a famous stop for all those who want to do some river surfing. It's a great wave. While I don't know these surfers, I have no surf footage of my own, so here's a bit just to show what it looks like.
all credit to Steel Horse Journeys, it is their video and soundtrack

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