Thursday, April 16, 2015

N is for North Fork

The letter "N" is proving troublesome. I am spending a ton of time just looking for an "N" word that I like. My original was North Fork, but I went away from it thinking that I could do better. Now I'm back because nothing better came along.

North Fork is the gateway. It's where the tar ends and the gravel starts. You take the turn at North Fork and spend the next twenty or so miles anticipating the Corn Creek trailhead and put-in. North Fork is named after the river that enters the Main at this point. I don't remember it, but after 25 years that shouldn't be surprising I guess.

It is one more point on the Lewis and Clark route. This is thought to be the point where Old Toby took Lewis down the Main Salmon to show him how impassable it was. Lewis was said to be pretty bummed out on his return to the camp at North Fork. The group then faced the mountains again and began the climb up what is now Lost Trail Pass. The climb to the pass starts fairly close to North Fork and again Old Toby figures in, because he got the group lost as they tried to find the pass, thus giving it the name it carries today.

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