Friday, November 2, 2018

Nancy Hatch duPree - grandmother to Afghanistan

One more research gold nugget, that continues making me love the simple act of pulling loose threads in my loosely defined areas of interest. As usual, I poke around in the dusty, unvisited halls of non-fiction, peopled with stories and truths lived by others ahead of me, in places I have never visited, seeing things I have not yet seen.

Their experiences, fully lived by them, become the story altering gold nuggets of fascinating places, people, and objects, that I love to find.

Nancy Hatch duPree is one of those gold nuggets.

She is from the generation prior, and as such had to content herself with the low ceiling that most women encountered. An early life ultimately landed her in Kabul, Afghanistan as the wife of a diplomat.

I think.

She managed to loosen that shackle and fall in with an archaeologist. That match worked quite well and led to her blossoming as a writer, explorer and swashbuckling woman back in the day, in the society that Pakistan and Afghanistan had prior to the Soviet and Taliban blood stains.

Her writing and life experiences proved quite fascinating. Her words led me to the hoopoe, a bird of which I had never heard, and now is part of my book series. As is Nancy Hatch duPree.

Look above and follow that link. It goes to a fabulous interview that Nancy H. duPree gave to the writer who interviewed her. The site it is on, Afghanistan-Analysts, is nearly as fascinating. Both are discoveries I stumbled upon, that have changed my plots for the better.

I hope.

Also that hoopoe is a fascinating bird. Too cool to pass up.

Enjoy your research! I hope it leads to your own loose threads that become the pleasant foundations of your creation with the written word!

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